Team Members
Mr. Chawki Barakat – General Manager –
Mr. Edmond Barakat – Deputy General Manager –
Mr. Henry Barakat – Executive Manager Algo Group –
Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Ali – Director of Finance –
Chef Ziad Hilal – Corporate Executive Chef –
Mr. Hany Kabeel – Director of Marketing –
Mr. Anwar Ali – Director of Human Resource –
Mr. Ahmad Taher Al-Mahdi – HR Manager –
Mr. Farrukh Abbas – I.T. Manager –
Mr. Walid Yehya – Restaurants Operation Manager –
Mr. Elias Ajamy – To Go Operations Manager –
Mr. Mostafa Mohamed – Purchasing Manager –




The Values

Mais Alghanim is a Kuwait based company whose Executive management and managers share a common culture, “the Spirit of Mais Alghanim of Genuine Hospitality” in which the local cultures are integrated”.

Management Ethics


Our management ethics are based on three elements: management opportunities, sustainable development and guaranteeing the respect of laws and enabling them to act with integrity.

Management Levers


The role of our leaders is to implement the Mais Alghanim’s management lever:
Be attentive to the employees around you
Keep an open mind
Encourage and reward performance
Sustain and nurture reward performance

Sustainable Development


As a big local company with several outlets in Kuwait, Mais Alghanim recognizes the extreme necessity to respect the environment and the cultures of the local people.