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Mais Alghanim … Now shines in Mahboula

Genuine Hospitality since 1953

Mais Alghanim Restaurant spread its roots to blossom in Mahboula; opening a new restaurant maintaining the heritage, excellence in service, and phenomenal food.

Located in the Spoons Complex in Mahboula, you are sure to be impressed. Upon entry, you are cordially welcomed by the hospitality team. The reception hall with its high ceiling evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance. The intricate murals take you on a journey through time as you recall Kuwaiti history through its rulers, the rich heritage of the culture and the marine civilization. And finally, what has made Mais Alghanim famous without contention; its distinctive cuisine with an array of choices to satisfy all appetites.

General Manager Chawki Barakat stated, “The menu and quality of service and hospitality in Mahboula are a reflection of what has always been known of Mais Alghanim since its foundation.” He added, “Our motto has always been …. Excellence in service and distinction in food … The story is the same in Mahboula as it is in Sharq.”

Mais Alghanim Restaurant Organizes Blood Donation Campaign

Mais Alghanim Restaurant recently organized a blood donation campaign in association with Jabriyah Blood Donation Centre. It was the ever first Blood Donation Campaign under the umbrella of Mais Alghanim Restaurant that recruited its managers and staff to support this noble cause.The success of this Blood Donation campaign is due to the help of Jabriyah Blood Donation Centre and the keenness of its General Manager Mr. Chawki Barakat and the full enthusiasm of HR team members.

Mais Alghanim Wins 1st Place Gold Award at the Service Hero 2011 Awards!

Once again, Mais Alghanim gets recognized for their service excellence by receiving the highest customer satisfaction scores and succeeded in winning the 1st place award at the Hero Service, Kuwait competition.

Mais Alghanim won first place in the Casual Dining category and received the Gold Award for the Country Wide Winners; topping 346 companies in 17 different private industry categories. The awards were based on a three-month voting drive that collected over 13,000 direct customer votes through an online-based survey that was then validated and reviewed to ensure empirical and authentic findings. Customers rated the companies based on a 10-point scoring system that measures customer expectations versus actual customer satisfaction across eight service dimensions. The eight dimensions were: reliability, speed, product quality, and value for money, location of offering, staff quality, call center and website.

These two awards offer a very meaningful honor and are an accurate form of measurement, since the results are derived from the consumers of Kuwait to convey what brand truly exceeds the norms of customer satisfaction and service excellence. Mais Alghanim out performed last year’s results and did not settle for Silver Award Country Wide customer satisfaction. This goes to prove that they are an impeccable organization that excels on continuously improving themselves internally and externally.

Chawki Barakat, General Manager of Mais Alghanim Restaurant expressed his honor in receiving such awards that reflect the opinion of their customers, adding that the relationship between Mais Alghanim and their customers goes back to 1953 with several generations growing up experiencing first hand Mais Alghanim’s unique Hospitality. He further stated, “Our focus on customer service has never changed ‘The Customer Always Comes First’ and we use that mantra to manage our company in every aspect.”
Chawki Barakat concluded by thanking the devoted members of Mais Alghanim family for achieving this triumph, calling them “The true winners of these awards.”

The best way to validate the results yourself is to simply pay Mais Alghanim a visit and experience their service first hand.